==Character Education
Character Education at Selwyn Each month, we will discuss a different character trait. We will "catch" students displaying the character trait of the month, and they will be recognized on our TV station, WSEL, and in the monthly character trait assembly slide show.
Here are our monthly character traits:

September: Respect

We will learn how to show respect for ourselves, others and property. We will also practice cooperation, respect for authority, courtesy, tolerance, listening to others, and the "golden rule".

October: Responsibility

Responsibility is being accountable for your own behavior. We will work on having a good work ethic and a positive attitude, being dependable and trustworthy, making good choices, and displaying self-control.

November: Honesty

Honesty is being truthful in word and action. We will discuss ways of showing integrity, trustworthiness and reliability.

December: Caring

Caring is showing concern for the well being of others. We will talk about different ways to show kindness, generosity, compassion, patience and empathy.

January: Justice and Fairness

We will learn to treat others fairly by talking things out, listening to each other, compromising, and taking turns.

February: Citizenship

We will work on being responsible and caring in the classroom and community.

March: Courage

We focus on doing the right thing in the face of difficulty and following our conscience instead of the crowd. We will gain a greater understanding of facing challenges, overcoming fears, overcoming failure and creating new beginnings.

April: Perseverance

Perseverance is staying on task and not giving up, demonstrating commitment and pride in one's efforts, as well as having a positive attitude while completing challenging tasks.

May: Hope

Hope is demonstrated by believing in yourself, setting goals and pursuing your dreams.


Once every month, our class will participate in the Selwyn "Paws" Character Education program. Mrs. Reading and one of her dogs will come to our class to discuss the monthly character trait and help us better understand it by showing how we can incorporate these traits into our daily lives. The kids love seeing which dog will be visiting us next and enjoy hearing Mrs. Reading's stories of how her dogs have learned and use the character traits in their own lives. Our Paws visit is the third Wednesday of each month.